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Social media marketing 101

Never heard of social media marketing? Well, you are just at the right place. Social media marketing involves creating various forms of content for different social media platforms to increase website traffic, engagement, brand awareness, and achieve other marketing goals. Social media marketing includes goals like increasing traffic, likes, comments, and shares, etc. It gives the users a personalized experience by creating content (videos, blogs, infographics) that can go viral.

Benefits of having a strong social media marketing strategy

Worried how would your business reach the right targetted audience? Social media marketing allows you to take advantage of social media platforms to advertise your content to a highly targeted audience. This would help more people learn about the product and service that you are -offering. Social media marketing allows you to;

  • Increase the interaction with the audience.
  • Relatively inexpensive.
  • Get marketplace insights much the market is evolving.
  • Easy to advertise your products.
  • Social media marketing can make customer needs much easier.
  • Social media marketing can cause the conversion rate to rise.

Which social media marketing platform should your business choose

Do you need to be on all of the social media platforms? Maybe not, but consider that not everyone gets their news and information in the same way. One might read online newspapers while others may like to look at trending topics on Twitter. Everyone consumes information differently in their time and place of consumption. You want to be found in as many of those places as possible. But the good news is that no matter which social media platform you choose Hybrid Mediaworks has got you covered.

Our social media marketing services


Facebook currently boasts over 2 billion users and it is not just for personal use anymore. Millions of companies use Facebook business pages to share organic news, events, talk to customers and manage highly targeted advertising campaigns. This makes Facebook one of the most important social media platforms to your social media strategy.


Twitter is the ultimate by-the-minute news network. It is the place where you can see what is happening in that very moment around the world. Users share messages called ‘tweets’ which can include photos, videos, links, and animated Gifs. There are over 600 million tweets sent every day. It is a fantastic place for you to discover what is trending with your industry, customers, employees, partners, and prospects. Your business should be sharing content frequently – more frequently than on other platforms, in fact, and you should be engaging regularly with your audience. How can you do that? By simply hiring our social media marketing agency.


It is owned by Facebook but the audiences and purposes are a bit different. It is the third-largest social media platform and the fastest growing. Instagram is a photo and video-based social network, and users follow individuals and brands to be delighted by interesting visuals. We at Hybrid Mediaworks create a unique social media marketing strategy that allows your business to reach a mass audience.


With over 1.5 billion users Youtube is the second largest social media network and interestingly enough it also is the second-largest search engine in the world behind Google. More than 400 hours of videos are uploaded on Youtube every minute and almost 5 billion videos are watched on Youtube every single day. This means that your business has the opportunity to reach an even bigger audience for a more affordable cost than on Television.


LinkedIn is a platform most business-to-business, or B2B marketers are familiar with. There are several reasons why your business should be using LinkedIn. It is a great way to look up individuals you might be meeting with, or to find out more about the prospect interested in reaching out to you. Our team at Hybrid Mediaworks has years of expertise that can take your social media marketing campaign in the right direction.


A platform that lost a bit of market share t0 Instagram when Instagram stories launched, essentially copying the Snapchat business model. But it still has a strong user base, and it is moving to areas like augmented reality, which may have exciting applications. Today, brands can advertise with stories more dynamic and longer-lasting than personal snaps making it a great social media marketing tool.

Tik Tok

A platform that does not need much attention and focus to build an audience if compared to other platforms. Tik Tok is can be a great marketing tool especially for a business whose targeted audience is Generation Z. It is pretty simple to reach your potential customers on Tik Tok. The short videos make the platform much more appealing and generate leads fairly easier. So, what are you sitting tight to employing our digital marketing agency today and increase your brand’s reach?


Pinterest is a channel that many people think of as only for business-to-consumer or B2C but there are myriad of ways B2B companies can take advantage of the platform. If you are not familiar with Pinterest, it is essentially series of shared thematic bulletin boards where users can “pin” images, videos, and links that resonate with them. So, hire our team of professionals today and take advantage of such a marketing tool at your disposal.


Another social media network provides businesses a great platform for social media marketing. It connects users with gaming, and even government services, ridesharing, shopping along with friends and family. So, if you are looking for your company development in Islamabad then WeChat can be a great platform for you.

Does every business need social media marketing?

Yes. Social media marketing plays an integral role in increasing revenue and your brand’s awareness. With the right social media marketing agency such as ourselves behind you, there would not be much stopping your business from becoming a success.

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